Food & Beverage

Get ready for authentic German food and drink at Spokane Oktoberfest!  There will be full meals, pretzels, desserts and snacks available for purchase during event hours.  The beer is direct from Germany – Paulaner, in addition, we will be serving a selection of wine and Jagermeister,  The non-alcoholic drink selection includes a Radler from Paulaner, River-City Rootbier along with soda and water.

Steins are available for purchase; a 16oz and a 1-liter glass stein and our commemorative stein with limited number available for purchase.  You do not have to purchase a stein to drink beer and if you can’t leave home without your own stein we will even fill that with beer for you!

Last call for bier is 11:30 pm on Friday and Saturday evening and 4:30 Sunday.  Script is valid all weekend and in the future but will not be refunded.

Das Stein Haus

Authentic German food provided by Das Stein Haus. German native and owner, Georg Weimer, will bring his favorite German food with dishes priced between $4 – 13.

  • Bratwurst, German potato salad & Sauerkraut mealDasSteinHaus
  • Schnitzel, potato salad & sauerkraut meal
  • Sauerbraten, home fried potatoes & sauerkraut meal
  • Pork shanks, home fried potatoes & sauerkraut meal
  • Bratwurst on pretzel bun
  • Pretzels
  • Black Forest Cake
  • Sides of potato salad, homefried potatoes, spaetzle and sauerkraut

A little Paulaner beer history – Germany’s #1 Oktoberfest Bier!

Emblrm on White (JPG)

The Paulaner Brewery has been in existence for nearly 400 years and is still the premiere brewery of Bavaria today.  None of the other breweries that are allowed to pour at the festival sell as much as Paulaner.

In 1634 the order of the Paulaner monks began brewing beer in the Au, laying the foundation stone for today’s Paulaner brewery. The name of the Paulaner brewery refers to the order of friars that resided in Neuhauser Straße in Munich who were part of the order of Saint Francis of Paola.  Brewing became a way of life for the Monks. Reinheitsgebot the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 puts an end to “experimenting”. The ingredients permitted in beer were specified and the importance of optimising the process was brought to the fore. The Bavarian Purity Law is the oldest food law whereby Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria passed a law which stipulated that only barley, hops, water and yeast may be used to brew beer.


AVB 4.9%
IBU 20
Rating Draft Magazine 94

This beer is credited for being one of the most popular Munich lagers.

The original Munich Lager is a true classic and a beer that always goes down well.  It is mild with a hint of sweetness and a soft tinge of hops in the background.  It is the perfect session lager.




AVB 5.8%
IBU 21
Rating Draft Magazine 93 Rate Beer 95

This is the one that started it all!  The Marzen name comes from “March Beer”because it was historically brewed in March, to be at peak flavor for Oktoberfest celebration.

An amber style beer that was developed to celebrate the original Oktoberfest over 200 years ago.  This full bodied beer with it’s rich malt flavor, dark toffee notes and underlying fruitiness, has a masterful hop balance. It will instantly turn your own four walls into an Oktoberfest tent!



AVB 5.5%
IBU 10
Rate Beer 100

Germany’s number one wheat beer.  In developing this beer, the Paulaner brewmasters have perfected a unique technique with “yeast suspension”, resulting in a uniform, slightly cloudy appearance, consistent quality and perfect taste.

This traditional unfiltered Hefe-Weizen is naturally cloudy, with a perfect mix of aromas and refreshing taste.  A first sip, some will detect a hint of banana aroma followed by traces of mango and pineapple delivering a balance between sweet and bitter.



New this year is our River-City Rootbier Garden!  We will serve house-made draft root beer and soft serve ice-cream in a commemorative plastic mug.

Oktoberfest at the River will be serving this iconic German liqueur, invented in 1934 near Brunswick, Germany.

Dedicated to master hunters, or “Jägermeisters,” the label carries the legend of a glowing stag that stunned a barbaric hunter enough to change his reckless ways. The same hunter who later would become the patron saint of all hunters: Saint Hubertus.

This stag remains today, as it always has been, the Jägermeister trademark. A symbol of the preservation of quality and tradition.


Weizen-Radler Non-Alcoholic

This mix is in a class of its own – combining the great taste of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen with natural effervescent lemonade in a non-alcoholic alternative for refreshingly fruity yet malty taste. The citrus notes of lime, orange and lemon match the wheat beer perfectly and provide a uniquely balanced taste experience.